Helmet with Built in Fan

helmet with fan in use
The only thing worse than getting bonked on the head by falling objects is having a little sweat on the brow while it happens. Seriously, nothing is worse! Nothing. So keep your head both safe and cool with the Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Helmet. This helmet has what looks like a dangling fan in a bag over the back of the neck. The battery powered fan can cool your head by up to 44 degrees, allegedly.
helmet with fan
Coming from Japan (if you couldn’t tell by the Japanese writing!), I’m guessing that this helmet probably doesn’t exactly meet US safety standards. And despite the “air conditioned” in the name, I’m fairly certain it’s just a fan in there (can anyone read Japanese? leave a comment!) But if you’re in a hardhat required situation where there’s little chance of anything actually falling on your head, then stay cool.