Handiheadset: It’s a Giant Hand

hand headset
Need a hand answering that phone? The Handiheadset is an oversized hand that works as a headset for your phone. Do I need to state the obvious? It’s freakin’ ridiculous. Which is probably why the Kickstarter is juuuuuuust short of it’s goal for funding and production. It just needs to make up the remaining 98% and this thing goes live. Seriously who would use this?
handi headset
Hang loose my friends. It has a wire to plug into the jack of any phone and the underside of this giant hand is open with a handle to hold on to. So to answer the question, no this giant hand handset is not hands-free. And it’s just $33 to get in on this deal. There must be more Carrot Top fans somewhere out there looking for a handset, right? (via)