R2-D2 Can Koozie

r2d2 can cooler
Apparently we still have not run out of cylindrically shaped objects that R2-D2 can be turned into! And we’re all a little better for it. Otherwise I’d have to write about another boring iPhone case or something. Instead we have the R2-D2 Can Coolers, drink koozies with Artoos distinctive body on the outside.
r2d2 koozie
Is there anything ol’ R2 can’t do? This can cooler actually has a metal exterior (just like the real R2-D2!) with a rubber inside (not so much like R2). Keeps your hand as toasty as Summer on Tatooine and your drink as cold as a Hoth Winter, so you can take off that glove Lord Vader. Ouch, I’m choking! Ok, ok, you can leave the glove on, whatever you want. Phew. Holds a standard 12 ounce can.