You Can Nap Under this Desk like George Costanza

costanza desk
Costanza? Can’t stand ya. Seinfeld’s George Costanza might have really been on to something there when he had a bed built under his desk in Yankee Stadium so he could take stealth naps during the day at “work”. Instead of the TV show mimicking real life, now real life is taking it’s cues from the sitcom with the Personal Space Bar desk. It has a spot underneath to get cozy and hide out. Just like ol’ George did in this episode here:

What’s next, a cologne that smells like the beach? Wait, that happened. Selling Muffin Tops
only? Wait that’s happened. A Junior Mint video game you can play online? Wait that’s really happening too right here! Now excuse me while I finish this marble rye. (via chipchick)

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