Transformers Costume that Actually Drives

transformer costume
Well I know what I want to be for Halloween now. This insane Transformer’s costume not only converts to a car when the performer inside crouches down, it actually drives. We don’t mean it rolls around, it’s actually a powered vehicle. Here’s what it looks like when it’s in truck mode- just like a yellow Cadillac Escalade:
transformers costume truck
The costume cost the performer about $800 to build himself. Inside is an electric motor that lets this thing really drive around like a miniature car! Really. Let’s a see video of it action:

Yes! The human transformer. You can spot this ingenious street performer in Ann Arbor, MI during the warmer months and New Orleans in the Winter (where he goes by the name NOLAtron, perhaps he can go by Michitron or Ann Arbotron when he’s up north?) And while $800 might be pretty pricey for a costume, he says his best day busking he made $700. Looks like I’m in the wrong profession. (reddit/detroit free press)

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