Really Odd Paper Animal Masks

animal masks
I’m not sure if these masks fall under “really cool” or “really creepy” (or maybe both?) but they’re definitely unusual. These Animal Masks, designed by Soroche, come in three styles- bear, fox, and deer. Each one is made of from thick 400 gr environmental blank paper. What does the fox say? “Weird stuff”. Now dance fox, dance.
animal mask
These 3D animal heads are created by folding and then gluing the flat paper into the animal shapes (it’s a bit unclear if they come pre-assembled or if you have to do the gluing yourself; I suspect the latter). You can wear them as masks or even hang them on the wall like mounted trophies.
animal masks on wall
They all come in white and you can obviously paint or otherwise decorate them in any way you see fit. Or just leave them white like some odd ghost animal. The masks are all die cut on a small mechanical press by hand. I’d wear one everywhere I go from the grocery store to the mall to the ice cream shop (those are the only three places I actually go to) but I think my oversized head is way too jumbo to fit inside one.

All masks are made by hand, die cut with a small mechanical press that was adapted for this purpose, and packed in a beautiful kraft paper box, screen printed in a local workshop.