Dog Shaped Desk by Philippe Starck

dog shaped desk
When I was a kid my desk was a plank of wood on top of two milk crates. And the crates weren’t even the same size, I had to do all my work at a funky angle. Those were days. Kids today have it so much better with these sweet modern desk design by Philippe Starck. This kid’s desk called Le Chien Savant (which means the performing dog, or something like that) and it looks like a sweet pooch. Action shots:
dog shaped desk in use
Kids can sit right on the dog’s back and work on his head- something that we can’t recommend you do with a real dog. The desk is made of rotational-molded polyethylene and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Be forewarned kids who are not reading this blog, I’m not sure if you can use the “dog ate my homework” excuse with this desk. (via iihih)

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