Review: Felix MonkeyOh Charging Dock

felix monkeyoh in use
If you recall back almost a year ago, we covered this before it was released. Well now the Felix MonkeyOh is loose in the wild- the wilds of the retail world that is. What this phone dock does is quite simple (and cute)- it’s a monkey that holds your phone and your charging cord. Simple as that. Your phone slides neatly into his monkey hands (or his arms if you’re using something a bit bigger than an iPhone) while his legs hold it up.
felix monkeyoh
The MonkeyOh requires one of those square iPhone USB charging plugs that comes with every iPhone (but then you can plug any USB cord into that) which slides perfectly into his back. You plug your USB cord into his mouth, wrap any excess cord around his back, and thread the gadget plug side end of your cord up between his legs. What you get is a cute monkey phone holder. We only tested it with iPhones (4S and 5) here because that’s all we have (baaaaaa) but his hands were a perfect fit for those devices.

The Felix MonkeyOh is made of plastic and is extremely easy to use. We like that. It keeps your cords wrapped up neatly and doesn’t leave the business end dangling in mid-air. We like that. He holds your phone perfectly while charging, keeping counters clutter-free. We like that. It’s lightweight and portable. We like that. There’s really no negatives (maybe a half point deduction for requiring an Apple plug?) And it’s whimsical and useful. We like that. Overall review: we monkey like it.