This Fish Tank Only Looks Like It’s Going Over the Edge

bubble tank fish tank
These fish may look like they’re only one push away from going over the edge to fish freedom but they’re actually safe and secure on the shelf. The Bubble Tank is a fish tank with a twist. It’s made of hand blown glass with a “bubble” that leans over the edge of a shelf or table.
bubble tank
Designed by Psalt Design, each one is slightly unique due to the handblown nature of the glass (and as such you’ll pay the handblown price of over $500 per tank). Each tank measures about 9.5″ across. Instead of a typical fish tank where the fish is the star of the show in a boring regular shaped tank, with the Bubble Tank the tank is the focal point. Sure the fish are there too and you don’t want to hurt their feelings so tell them they’re still the star but really it’s the tank. Shhhh.