Small Foot: Inflatable Snow Shoes

inflatable snow shoes
You never know when you’re going to suddenly need an emergency pair of snow shoes (actually you probably do, but just go with this). So if you had a pair of Small Foot snowshoes, you could travel anywhere with an extra set of snow shoes without having to tote around a big traditional pair of snowshoes.
inflatable snowshoes
They deflate into a pair of small packs that are easy to stuff into your backpack. Because they’re inflatable, they’re lightweight but give you a huge surface area that’s much better for walking on snow than a regular snowshoe.
small foot snoeshow
The air filled shoes also help to keep you above the snow, like a set of two tiny rafts for your feet. They attach to any shoes or boots. A mini bike pump is included to blow them up in a rush. It’s like floating over the snow. (via likecool)