Tesla Model S Body Made into a Desk

tesla desk1
I bet your desk isn’t this cool. If you happen to have a spare Tesla lying around, why not make your own (really expensive) desk? East Bay Motor Sports debuted the Deskla they built for Drapper University in California. It’s a receptionist style desk made from a Tesla Model S body! No, they didn’t destroy a working car to make the desk, they used a “factory reject” shell.
tesla desk2
The team cut the aluminum body into an L shape, and put a desk behind it. The car’s charging port powers the 6 USB and 3 120v outlets behind the desk. The Tesla’s seats were used to create the office chairs. We tried to reach the person who sits behind this desk for comment but he was too busy making vroom vroom noises while clutching an imaginary steering wheel to get back to us. (via yahoo)