Brain Bending 3-D Bookshelf

rocky bookshelf
This bookshelf is designed to skewer your perception of 3 dimensional space and volume. Created by Charles Kalpakian, the Rocky Bookshelf is a metallic brain bender of a storage unit. Depending upon your angle of viewing, the shelves will look different. These steel shelves are based on a 3D variation of a classic cabinet maker pattern. It’s hard to even tell where the openings are and what’s flat and what’s angled (based on the photos).
rocky bookshelf side
Side view above. The bookshelf comes in a few color choices made of lacquered steel and measures 55″ wide by 37″ high by 14″ deep. It’s almost like an optical illusion furniture piece.
rocky bookshelf closeup
Here’s a closeup. Get your head ready for yet another mind bender: the bookshelves run almost $5000. However, for that lofty price you get a really unique looking piece of furniture and a guaranteed conversation piece.


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