LED Light Up Newton’s Cradle

kinetic light newtons cradle
The classic executive desktop diversion has been upgraded for the 21st century. The Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle adds light up balls to that classic desk accessory. Your company may still be forcing you to use an 8 year old computer with Windows 95 on it but at least your cubicle will look futuristic with this. Each sphere has 2 bright LED’s inside that can be set to light up in one of three modes- flash, fade and color cycling:
kinetic newton color modes
You get to see the laws of conservation of mass and energy even in the dark. The balls are made of a frosted glass (there’s no video yet but that should make a pleasing “clink” when they hit into one another). Measures 7″ wide x 6″ deep x 7 3/4″ tall. Totally hypnotic.