UV Light Sanitizing Cutting Board System

purifying cutting boards
Your kitchen can be a dangerous place- and not just because of the sharp knives and hot stoves and ovens. We’re talking about germs. And most cutting boards are full of them. Every time you cut something on your cutting board you make a tiny slice in the surface that is ripe for holding bacteria. That’s why I throw all my food up in the air and slice them ninja style in mid-air.

But you’re probably not a ninja, so for you the PureLiving Purifying Cutting Board System takes care of that problem with a set of Ultraviolet-C lights on either side. Slip the folder-like cutting boards in and out and let the UV light kill 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, and germs without any chemicals in just 20 minutes. For further food safety, the cutting boards are each labeled for fish, meat, fruit, or vegetables to prevent cross contamination. Be food safe out there. (via)