Animated Zombie Backpack has Controls on the Straps

zombie backpack
Be so cool that you rule the school with this Zombie Animated Backpack. This backpack not only does the boring essentials (hold books and supplies), it’s also a lot of fun. On the strap is a hidden set of controls to make the zombie go zombie craaaazy!
zombie animated backpack controls
This zombie can make zombie sounds, roll his eyes around, and drip boogies from his nose. Yuck. Ok, don’t worry (were you worried?), it’s not real snot and it sucks back into the nose for the next time. Not only for Halloween, zombies are appropriate year round.
zombie backpack
The fun backpack measures 13 x 10.5 x 3 inches and requires a trio of AAA batteries to make that zombie animate. Make going to school fun because summer break is a looooong way off. Sorry. The zombie made me say it.