Nibble Cake Pan Makes a Mini-Testing Cake Too

Even if you’re an expert baker, it’s hard to tell what’s going on inside those cakes you are baking. Now you can make a cake and test it without ruining it with the Nibble Cake Pan. This silicone coated steel cake pan lets you make a smaller cupcake sized mini-cake alongside your “real” cake so you can test it. And you can really test it out- not just stick a piece of metal in there- but actually take a bite and taste it!
nibble pan
The mini-cake rides in a removable silicone cup that’s like a little cake sidecar. The pan itself measures 8 inches across with a 2 inch depth and it’s 11.5″ long overall with the mini-cake holder. Now making a cake is a…..wait for it….. piece of cake (sorry, had to say it).