Rock ‘n Roll and Movie Maps

film map closeup
We are really digging these customized maps from Dorothy design. I’m sure this idea has been done before but this is just done really well. The film map consists entirely of roads and locations named after famous movies and movie locations. A lot of them- 900 films in all. Like that park is Jurassic Park and it’s right off of Miracle on 34th Street.
film map
The map is based loosely off Los Angeles (natch). The rock one is below and features all famous song names like Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd, and Highway 61 Revisited. I don’t see Penny Lane on there but I would guarantee 1000000% it’s somewhere. There’s even some landmarks like the Hotel California and Heartbreak Hotel.
song map
There’s 360 songs on the song map and a key is included to help you find them all. Neat use of maps.