You Can’t Steal these Exploding Ink Pint Glasses

We all have that one friend that always swipes a pint glass from bars. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m sitting alone in a room completely surrounded by shelves of commemorative pint glasses with nothing to show for it other than glassware and a hangover, sobbing at the waste my life has become. Or not. It all could have been prevented if all glasses were outfitted with these Exploding Ink Pint Glass Collars. Much like the dye packs on money from the bank, if you go more than 100 meters from the bar, they explode on you.

Cider maker Kopparberg created these anti-theft glasses and they are actually being tested at a London bar. Of course you could just order your beers smart bank robber style and request one with “no dye packs”. Personally I always dress up as a clown when I go to bars, order drinks without paying for them, then slip out of my clown outfit and blend in with the regular customers and my best friend Randy Quaid as I make my exit slyly to the street with Geena Davis. Home free.