Inflatable Back Seat Car Bed

Back in the old days when everyone drove around in Caddy’s as big as your living room, VW camper vans, and giganto station wagons with wood paneling on the side, it was easy to sleep in your car. Today, not so much. Unless you extend the size of your back seat with a Fuloon Car Travel PVC Inflatable Bed. This bed, complete with pump, inflates to fit neatly into most car’s back seats:

Part of it goes into the “legroom area” (technical term) to extend the size of the backseat and give you a nice flat platform to sleep on. Take a quick (or extended) nap, use it for camping, as a play area for kids, or even as a traveling home. Too tired to drive any further? Pull over, inflate the backseat bed and rest until it’s safe for you to drive again.