DIY Musical Light-Up LED Star Wars Bra

Well this certainly is an odd one. Instructables user caitlinsdad made himself a Star Wars bra. No, not a Slave Leia one, an “Adafruit Flora Theremin LED Bra”. There’s an ultrasonic range sensor and photocell detector sensors connected to an Adafruit Flora Arduino wearable circuit board with a piezo buzzer speaker. What that means is that when you get close to it, it beeps and bloops like R2-D2:

Yeah, that’s weird sounding, yet oddly soothing. That’s supposed to be an X-Wing Fighter on the left, the Death Star on the right and the poof on top is the planet Alderaan (as well as the speaker). It’s a little rough around the edges but nice job to the maker of this one. Definitely unique.

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