iPhone Charging Cord Stickers

What a fun way to keep better track of your cords. Stop confusing and losing your white Apple cords with the iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set. Designed by Sativa Turner, just stick these vinyl labels on your various iPhone/iPod/iPad cord and you’ll know which is which instantly. And more whimsically. Look at those tongues- aaaaahhhhaahaha. They also come in solid color versions too:

What’s cool is that if you have multiple types of cords, like say an iPad and an iPhone 5, you can figure out which cord it is from either end- even the otherwise identical USB side! Each pack comes with 4 sets of precision die-cut labels, one label in each color for both ends of your USB cords, the wall adapter and your earphones. You can even mix and match. Made in the USA.
(faces design)
(solid color blocks)