Ouija Board Coffee Table

This table is seriously bad-ass. It’s a handmade Ouija Board Coffee Table. Have a séance in your living room while you watch The Walking Dead or even something really scary like say Judge Judy. Ooooh. This DIY’er built this table almost completely from scratch. Here’s what it looked like starting out with just some pieces of wood.

Ok, now imagine that put together, sanded, and stained (cause we’re not showing a photo of those boring steps!) Next he drew the design, scanned it in and resized. Obviously it’s a huge deal to actually draw something like that, so props to you buddy because we have no artistic talent here. Then he printed it out mirror imaged on a laser printer onto enough sheets of paper to completely fill up the table.

Next he applied some sort of acrylic gel on top of the table and then laid the sheets with the laser-printed design on top of that. Overnight the gel absorbed most of the toner ink (and this is why he laser printed instead of inkjet printed) while the wet paper messily peeled off, leaving the design imprinted on the table.

Some sealant was applied to clean up the look and protect the image. Then 5 coats of poly to clear coat the top of the table and it was done. Awesome.

Even if you’re not into the occult or board games or anything like that, this would still make a cool as hell coffee table for your living room or den. Assuming you’re not freaked out by the Ouija Board because it knows…..everything. Just ask.

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