Solar Powered Generator

Many people in the North East (self included) have become quite familiar with generators in the last few weeks. While gas powered generators have their pluses, they do have some obvious shortcomings like noise, dangerous fumes and the need to get and store gas. The Solar Power Generator has a few key advantages.

Firstly it has a giant battery inside that stores power. You can pre-charge via AC (16 hours) or the pair of 30-watt monocrystalline solar powers. The solar panels have 8 foot cords, so you can set them up outside with the generator inside. They take 20 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge the 1250 watt battery in the generator- totally free. Once charged the generator can run a fridge for 4 days, a TV for 35 hours, or a laptop for 30 hours. All safely and quietly within your home with no expensive cords needed. It also has USB outlets for your phones.

The LCD panel shows how much power is both coming in via solar and leaving via items plugged in. You can chain together up to 8 solar panels for added power generating. Great for emergency back-up, camping, tailgating, light duty construction, and more. It’s small footprint: 16″ L x 11″ D x 14 1/2″ H and reasonable weight (103 lbs.) make it go-anywhere. Hammacher offers a lifetime guarantee on it too (and everything), so you know you’re safe.

UPDATE: I’m pretty sure it’s actually the same or a similar model shown here: Goal Zero 39004 Yeti 1250 Silver/Black XX-Large Solar Generator Kit (note that even if the Amazon price is lower, they don’t offer a lifetime warranty as Hammacher does- so we’ll leave it up to you)

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