Shoes with 1050 Teeth on the Soles

If a headhunter (and I’m not talking about the guy that finds you a job, I’m talking about a dude in a loincloth with a spear) were to go to a red carpet event, this would be his footwear of choice. The Apex Predator Shoes feature 1050 teeth on the bottom. Top of the food chain, baby! Now unfortunately (or fortunately for someone) they are not real teeth but denture teeth, which makes the shoes more appropriate for a dentist than a headhunter.

Since it’s a design by artists Fantich and Young, the price (if it’s even for sale at all) is probably also more suited for a dentist than a headhunter. Although if a headhunter tells you he’s trading two rocks for your shoes, it’s probably better not to argue. I’d love to hear what these sound like on various hard flooring surfaces. Toothy tapdancing or some grape stomping/chewing anyone?