Mega Stomp Panic: Clip-On Motion Powered Sound Effects Audio Reality Costume

I’m sure your Halloween (or other) costume is all set with the visual appeal but it needs audio to be complete. The Mega Stomp Panic has 9 different really cool sound effect styles that are motion activated to sync up to your steps. For each sound bank there are two sounds- one for walking and one for stomping. The Mega Stomp Panic attaches to your pocket and lights up at night:

Is uses an accelerometer to time the effects to your movements and create the audio illusion. Here are the sound effects to choose from, just turn the dial to select (the other dial adjusts volume)

    Hydraulic Robot (robot walking, crushing things)
    Rainstorm (walking in puddles, splashing in puddles)
    Zombie Attack (squishy walk, dragging a dead limb, zombie attack RAWR!)
    Gigantic Monster (city-squishing monster walk, crushing buildings)
    Gunslinger (walking with boots & spurs, shotgun pump & fire)
    Medieval Knight (walking in plate armor, swords clanging)
    Pegleg Pirate (every other foot is your peg leg!, pistol firing, swords clanging)
    8-Bit Gaming Hero (video game walk, coin collecting, pew pew!)
    Steampunk Giant Robot (hydraulic robot walking, steam, crushing things)

You don’t even need a costume to tool around with this thing. Action video? You got it: