Marshall Amplifier Hanwell Home Audio Speaker

Marshall Amplifiers has just announced the Hanwell loudspeaker which is the first home audio product to feature the legendary Marshall script logo. Now you can have a speaker for your home which looks just like the classic Marshall amp without having to play guitar yourself (leave that to the experts like Jimi or Jerry on your iPod).

The Sound of Hanwell:
Delivering a sound that resonates with the presence and power of live music, the Hanwell is a carefully crafted machine, designed to attain that trademark Marshall tone. Its dual long-throw woofers produce super lows, and hi-fi tweeters yield sharp extended highs, rendering the sound sharp and clear, like sitting in the front row of a concert.

How it Looks:
The Hanwell is housed in a wooden cabinet and clad in black vinyl. It features an analog power switch and controls for volume, bass and treble. The fret cloth and gold logo on the front are borrowed from vintage Marshall amplifiers. The body is outlined with gold piping for a celebratory effect.

Just plug in your iPod and blast the tunes. Definitely a must-have for any musician or music lover. Also great for air guitar (just saying). No sale or availability information for the Hanwell speaker is listed on Marshall’s site just yet.

UPDATE: Available here on Amazon

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  1. I would like to know where I can purchase marshall hanwell audio home speaker can you help? Thanks mindy

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