Domo Mug and Bobblehead

Oh Domo, you irresistible Japanese monster, what are you up to now? Why he’s holding your hot drinks with the brand new Domo Sculpted Mug. Sink your teeth into this one before he does the same to you (Domo would never actually eat you… unless you were meat and potato stew… are you?) What else can Domo do? How about bobble?

Technically I suppose that’s more like a wobble than a bobble but the Domo 6-inch Bobble Head rocks around on his legs whenever you boink him on the head. So cute, so bobbly. Both are available for pre-order now, coming out in the next month and look for more Domo merchandise later this Fall too. And don’t try to feed him any apples- seriously don’t.

One thought on “Domo Mug and Bobblehead

  1. How can i get a hold of that mug where can i buy one??? i want it as a valentines day gift…

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