Aquaglide Inflatable Windsurfer, Sailboat, Towable and Kayak

It’s a four sport watercraft that fits in the trunk of your car! The Aquaglide Inflatable Windsurfer And Sailboat inflates to a sailboat with an 11 1/2′ tall aluminum mast and a 33 square foot PVC sail along with a tiller to control the rudder and a pair of keel blades.

It has an integrated boom to use as a windsurfer. The sail has a clear window area for increased visibility out on the water. The craft can hold up to 400 lbs.

You can also use it as a towable behind a boat or grab a paddle and use it like a kayak. And it all inflates in less than 10 minutes with the included foot pump. Everything fits into the rolling storage bag that can easily fit into any car’s trunk or on your boat. No matter what type of water you encounter, you can use the Aquaglide on it. Cool grownup toy. $799 from Hammacher.