Review: X-Doria: Widge for iPad 2

We were recently sent an X-Doria Widge for the iPad 2 to review. Our two junior interns were more than willing to get their greasy toddler hands on this iPad case to test it out. Let’s face it: kids + iPad = kid’s iPad (amirite?!). Gotta protect the goods. The Widge is designed for kids and has cut-outs in the back and angles that make it easier for small hands to hold.

The rubbery case took a little bit of effort get the iPad in but once it was in, it wasn’t coming out (from the kids anyway). The wedge shape allows the iPad to stand up in two different angles and our junior interns took advantage of both. Note that ALL ports and cameras have cutouts that let them be used with the Widge on it.

The case is pretty lightweight (note that it’s somewhat hollow, not a solid wedge shaped block), durable, and easy to clean. It does not offer any protection to the screen, so you still have to keep things like hammers out of your kid’s hands while they use your iPad. The Widge is stylish enough to not embarrass Mom or Dad since while it’s designed for kids, adults can certainly use it as a stand too. It only comes in one color (more on the way?) and costs just $39.99 from X-Doria or Amazon.