Frobo Pet Bowl Keeps Water Chilled for 8 Hours

Summer is coming and your pets need to stay cool. Since they are too short and lack the opposable thumbs needed to work the air conditioner, they need to drink cold water to cool off. With the Frobo Pet Bowl, that water will stay cold for 8 hours without electricity, batteries or having to add in ice cubes every 30 minutes.

The Frobo has a freezable center- just place it in your freezer 2 hours beforehand and it turns a blueish white when frozen. Now fill with water, the rubber base keeps it in place while your pet laps up 24 ounces of nice cold water all day long. Just $29 at Amazon or ThinkGeek (the Amazon description says it comes with 2 inserts, TG doesn’t specify although it’s probably the same- in any case extra inserts are available separately here).

2 thoughts on “Frobo Pet Bowl Keeps Water Chilled for 8 Hours

  1. It concerns me that this is being promoted and sold as a close family member’s dog died after drinking ice cold water on a hot summer day. It is not good for their bodies to try and warm that cold liquid.

    1. ok, i’m not a dog expert but i did some quick research on this and from what i can gather- you should NOT give your dog ice cold water if your dog is overheating- cool water only otherwise they could get bloat.

      at other times it is ok to give ice cold water to dogs. note that this gadget won’t give straight from the freezer icy cold water all day long, obviously as time goes on the water will get warmer- this will simply let you provide cooler water, longer.

      thanks for the comment sarah, i never knew of the danger.

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