The Feinger is a Finger Mount for your Phone

If you’re one of those people who is constantly dropping your phone, you might just need something like The Feinger. The Feinger is a two part accessory that lets you keep a tight grip on your device. The first part attaches to your phone by what looks like a suction mount (although their website doesn’t state that specifically, it could be adhesive). The second parts attach via a ball and socket joint and include a lanyard and the unique finger mount (which they call “the sleeve”).

Stick your finger through the neoprene Sleeve (which comes in 3 sizes) and you can carry your phone on the back of your hand, allowing a great deal of mobility with your fingers as well as movement of the phone thanks to the ball joint. The Sleeve looks pretty secure, and if you feel it slipping off you could just bend your fingers to keep it on as you would a loose ring. What’s neat about the Feinger is it’s small size compared to say a wrist or arm band holder and the ability to slip it on or off your finger quickly. I can definitely see this being useful to many people. It costs $10-15 depending up on what combination of parts you order.

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