4Moms Origami Stroller Power Folds Itself, Has More Features than your Car

When I was a kid strollers did one thing- held kids so you could push them around. But technology has advanced and now strollers do more things than your car. Like the 4moms Origami Stroller. The list of features is ridiculous. First of all it has a power folding mechanism- twist and press the button and it folds or unfolds itself. But not only does it fold up, it folds up in three dimensions- width, length and height.

It also can charge up your cell phone while you stroll! The power folding feature is powered from a self-charging rear wheel generator which can also charge your phone at the same time. Just plug it into the LCD interface. Yep the stroller has an LCD interface with pedometer. But that’s not all. How about 4 wheel suspension? Yep, it’s got that. Pathway lights to see where you’re going in the dark? Yep. Daytime running lights? Yep. Lots of pockets, adjustable seating positions, lots of color choices, reflective piping, anti-folding child detection sensors, no assembly required, 4 cup holders, one-push brake? Yes times 7. Check out the video to see this thing in action:

Seriously that’s insane for a stroller. It sells for $850, which is comparable to other high end strollers (also note that like expensive cars, expensive strollers have a good resale market too for when your child outgrows them).

3 thoughts on “4Moms Origami Stroller Power Folds Itself, Has More Features than your Car

  1. Saw this one when it was revealed at the CES. Very cool. I would want one if i had a kid and was one of those who gets the latest gadgets as they come out. I dont and I am not. But is still one great stroller 🙂

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