Sphero Robotic Ball is Controlled by your Smartphone

Control a rolling ball with your smartphone! The Sphero Robotic Ball is an Apple iOS or Android controlled robotic ball with hundreds of fun uses. Besides just rolling it around your house and having fun with your cats, kids, or self, there are many free apps that give you games to play with the ball. You can set up obstacle courses and use it on pool tables or have races- the possibilities for fun are endless. Check out this video:

The baseball-sized Sphero does other neat tricks like change it’s light-up colors on demand (play in the dark!) It charges up via an induction charger- just place it on the little dish and a single charge is good for one hour of use. It connects to your phone or tablet via bluetooth for a reliable long-distance connection. There’s even an app that lets you use your phone’s video camera to record video as you follow (and control) the ball around. Cool mix of technology and fun.