BrickStix, Reusable Decals for LEGO, Invented by a 9 Year Old Kid

LEGO’s are cool but once you buy a particular set you are locked in to that theme. Suddenly you’re using your space figures in a fire station and it just doesn’t make sense. Nine year old Greyson MacLean came up with a better idea: BrickStix. These “stickers” are actually reusable vinyl clings that attach to all major brands of building bricks (LEGO, MegaBloks, etc) allowing you to customize the bricks to your liking over and over again. Watch the demo video, Greyson is the floppy haired boy in the middle, btw:

With the help of his family, the product made it to the retail market and Greyson won a Young Inventor of the Year award. Each themed pack comes with around 80 clinging decals for your bricks. They’ve got some cool themes going on- outer space, city, rescue, and my favorite: splats (footprints, paint splatters, damage, destruction and mayhem), all for under $10. Nice job Greyson.