Etsy Data Scarf Turns Graphs into Clothing

Natalie Rachel has an interesting project going on- she takes raw data from Etsy and knits it into scarves. These Data Scarves are handmade and pretty fashionable when worn. Here’s the raw data she took for this scarf- the number of new users and items sold by month from 2005-2011:

She processed and graphed the raw data herself (math, ftw!) Admittedly it looks a bit odd when laid out as shown above, so lets see how the data scarf looks on a real live human person:

Not bad. Each of the buttons represents where a year ends on the chart. The scarves (there’s 2 of them) are priced more in the art price range than the hand knit scarf price range at $250 and $300 each. Cool stuff.

(thanks Ranger Rae Rae for the tip! are you really a ranger?)