Cordies Keep Cables on Your Desk

You know what’s really annoying? Unplugging my laptop or USB peripherals and having the cords shoot right off the desk onto the floor as soon as I unplug them and then reaching under the desk to retrieve them, smacking my head on the desk and having to go to the hospital to get stitched up. How many times does this need to keep happening? I’m sick of it. The solution: Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management System. Commencing “solutions” logo placement now:

Your wires slip right into Cordies and the weighted coils keep them firmly on your desk. You can even stack your cables to fit more within each coil. It’s a simple solution that works, developed from a crowdsourced project at Quirky. Available in both pink and gray (pink is cheaper for some reason).

One thought on “Cordies Keep Cables on Your Desk

  1. Hi,

    That is a very cool gadget. But $9.00 to hold 3 cables I guess it’s not a bargain. I would use some tape instead. On my local laptop service center I saw them using a paper clip and a magnet to hold them. Items that cost under a buck. 😉

    It doesn’t look the same, I know that. But I would pay $9.00 bucks for that. Perhaps 3-4 bucks would be a better price.

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