Advanced Acrobatic Robot

Hammacher’s got this pretty sweet Advanced Acrobatic Robot for sale (for $2400). What do you get for that kind of cash? An advanced robot measuring 13″ high that can do over 75 acrobatic moves like somersaults, backflips, and air guitar. The robot has 17 servo motors, a gyro sensor, and accelerometer to stay balanced while it does quick human-like movements. We saw similar robots at the toy fair last year- check out the video:

The robot can pick up and hold objects in it’s hands, and do martial arts style kicks and punches. It can go for 40 minutes on a 3 hour charge of it’s built-in battery. There’s a USB cable and Windows software to program additional moves. Pretty cool, if you’re looking for an advanced robot toy this year and don’t have the time or ability to build one yourself from a kit, this is a solid option.