iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer

Turn your iPhone into a 3D immersive viewing machine with the iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer. This $49 device uses free downloadable apps that combine with the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to create 3D environments that move when you move the phone. The viewer is used like binoculars atop the phone with a pair of cutouts to allow your fingers to use the touchscreen.

In addition to viewing 3D movie trailers, one can assume the persona of a Great White Shark (or other species) and roam underwater with 360º movement for prey and buried treasure, take a virtual tour of Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Pier to play a sampling of interactive games, or take part in an underground hovercraft race that requires tilting and panning the viewer/iPhone to steer.

It works with the iPhone as well as recent models of the iPod touch. Has anyone tried this out in person? Leave a review in the comments, let us know what you thought of it.

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