Workout While You Work with the Elliptical Machine Office Desk

Multitask your muscles. Get in a full lower body workout while you do your work with an Elliptical Machine Office Desk. The desk is height adjustable and pairs with an included semi-recumbent elliptical trainer to allow you to exercise on the job. The elliptical has a padded swiveling seat, adjustable backrest, electronically controlled resistance and an LED screen that tracks distance, watts, rpm, and calories burned.

She does look quite toned as she works on her computer and electronic egg device on the left (actually I think that’s the LED screen and controls for the elliptical). The desk raises and lowers so you can also use it with a regular chair or standing up. I’m making all my employees get one of these and if they screw something up they will have to do a 10 mile pedal on the highest resistance while they correct their mistakes. And since you can burn up to 4000 calories a week while you work and pedal, we will be instituting mandatory cheesecake eating requirements every Friday.

This elliptical and desk would actually would be quite useful for a home office and you could then write off exercise equipment as a business related expense (consult your accountant!) It costs $8000 at Hammacher.

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