Icon Power Pack for iPhone is Iconic, Powerful

The Icon Power Pack for iPhone and iPod from Ipevo is an external battery pack for your iPhone or iPod that looks just like the device’s battery icon. It uses EL film technology (electroluminescent film) to graphically indicate battery level with this lithium-ion battery. Futuristic indeed.

You plug it in to your computer’s USB port to charge up and then into your phone to give you a power boost. Yes it’s a bit of a style over usability thing here. To me it looks kinda bulky and awkward to use the phone with while it’s attached but the display is certainly very unique and eye-catching. So perhaps it’s a bit of a tradeoff but it is functional and stylish.

One thought on “Icon Power Pack for iPhone is Iconic, Powerful

  1. This is a great gadget for iPhone users to have. With all of the iPhone apps available, it is easy for someone to drain their battery before mid day. Though it’s a bit chunky, I can see this being useful for business professionals who are always on their phones. They can simply plug their phone into the booster while they’re not using it so that it charges up fast.

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