Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku Watch is Straight out of the Matrix

The brand spanking new Kisai Kaidoku watch from Tokyoflash is one of the coolest watches ever. It looks super futuristic, almost like the title screen from The Matrix, except with words instead of numbers. Telling the time is simple- just look at the flashing words to tell the time…animated gif time:

Like I said, cool. It comes in black with a blue LCD display and black leather strap or silver with a purple, green or blue LCD display and white leather strap. This is actually the second Tokyoflash watch to be produced based on a fan submitted design. 15 (!!!!!!) year old Tynan Mayhew submitted this design sketch last September and now it’s in production:

BTW, when The Matrix came out Tynan was 3 years old. The LCD display is “always-on”, pressing the top button illuminates the backlight for nighttime viewing while the bottom button changes it to date mode (which is read the same way with flashing words). The watch is waterproof and has a one year warranty. Just $139 from Tokyoflash (ships free).

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