Draw All Over the Doodle Tablecloth

The best restaurants are the ones that give you crayons and let you draw all over their paper tableclothes. Also the ones with free refills and a bread basket with multiple types of bread and butter that spreads smoothly. Well now you can have that awesome restaurant experience at home with the Doodle Tablecloth, a washable cotton tablecloth that you can write on and erase over and over again.

The cloth is lined like graph paper, perfect for role playing gamers, architects or engineers. Also kids- you know the wee ones love to draw on stuff, this way they’re not ruining your furniture- again. It comes with 8 wash-out fabric markers and measures 6 by 5 feet. You can even serve yourself all the drink refills you want on it. $49.99 from ThinkGeek.

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