Light Switch Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are great- as long as the person who they are meant for actually sees them. I’m always trying to leave my Post-Its in spots where I won’t miss them- on the fridge, the door, my cell phone, the dog, computer monitor, toilet seat (yep that pretty much sums up my life- fridge, phone, dog, computer, crapper).

Well here’s a “can’t miss” product from Suck UK- light switch sticky notes. They might “just” be sticky notes with a hole in the middle so they can stick onto your light switches but we just might be on the precipice of a cultural revolution here. And if you’re wondering, you’re damn right I spelled precipice correctly the first time without spell check. The design even allows for some overhang on the top which creates a lip for your pen to sit on. It’s about $12 (£7.50) from the UK- it doesn’t say but I assume and hope you get a bunch of pads at that price.