3 Foot Long, 10,000 Piece Lego Sandcrawler from Star Wars

Marshal Banana (probably not his real name) is a huge Star Wars and Lego fan. He has created this huge Sandcrawler from over 10,000 Lego pieces. It’s over 3 feet long and practically big enough to fit a real Jawa in there. Speaking of the inside- look at the attention to detail:

That’s a 3 level interior with a fully detailed cockpit. It weighs over 45 pounds and took 9 months to build. There’s 4 battery packs in there and it’s fully motorized including the drop down ramp.

Sure he could have just bought the official LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler but what fun would that be with only 1700 or so pieces. Check out the video to get a sense of scale of this monster and to see it move a bit:

Insane job, sir.