Swoop the Owl iPhone Pillow

Do you sleep with your iPhone? Have you ever lost your iPhone in your sheets or pillow at night only to wake up in a panic when you can’t find it? Then you have serious problems. But you also might be interested in Swoop the Owl, an iPhone-holding pillow. Swoop is the brainowl of California’s Jim McGaw and Tara Armbruster who wanted to design a useful product. Either iPhones or iPod Touches fit in the plush bird’s front pocket and the device can be used while in the pillow. Great for kids too. Check out their video:

Swoop is purely a concept with a cute prototype right now and needs $7500 in pledges to get off the ground, so go to Swoop’s Kickstarter page if you want to support the project. (Pledges count towards pre-orders btw).

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