TDK Brings the Boombox Back with a 3 Speaker System

TDK is bringing the 80’s back with this huge 3 speaker boombox- TDK Life on Record 77000015360 3-Speaker Boombox Audio System. Unlike the old school boomboxes of yesterday, this one can hook up to your iPod, a guitar or instrument via a line-in, any USB MP3 player, or just play AM/FM radio. This big boy pumps out 35 watts of ghettoblasting power from it’s 6-inch subwoofer and pair of coaxial drivers. It’s really sleek and somewhat minimalist looking.

Just hanging out above. You can plug this in or take it to the streets with 12 D-batteries (now THAT’S old-school power). This thing is a beast, it weighs nearly 30 pounds. Better start doing some shoulder workouts. You really don’t see too many portable audio systems these days that have this size and portability- everything’s usually about personal audio and headphones. It’s refreshing. I can see taking this poolside or to the beach or park.