10 Geeky Pi Items to Help Celebrate Pi Day (3.14)

Happy Pi Day everyone! It’s 3/14 which is Pi to a meager two decimal places. To celebrate we’ve got ten geeky items to help you get your math on. First off we have the Pizza Pi Cutter, the nerdiest way to eat pizza. I”ll take 3.14 slices please:

They say the shower is the best place to get some serious thinking done, so why not make it math inspired with a Pi Shower Curtain with Pi listed out to the 4600th decimal place.

Now that you’ve showered, you’re going to want to smell good too, so why not slather on some PI by Givenchy – Eau De Toilette Spray. It’s probably better smelling than the essence of nerd.

Ready for bed? Snuggle up with a plush Pi blanket which goes out to 398 digits of Pi.

You can really drink in the knowledge with Pi Ice Cube Trays:

You’re gonna be really styling with a Pi Tie, the geekiest formal wear you can buy.

Don’t worry ladies, you can get in on the Pi action too with a Pi Necklace, taking you out to 100 digits.

Stash your cash with math in a Dot Matrix Tyvek Mighty Wallet with Pi digits all over it.

Bake a Pi pie on a Pi Pie Plate. (Try saying that 3.14 times fast).

What time is it? Time for some Pi. It’s always Pi time when you’ve got a PI Wall Clock, the geekiest way to tell time. Looks like it’s almost Pi over 6; time for lunch!

Enjoy your Pi Day!

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