Like Dislike Rubber Stamps

Addicted to Facebook? Can’t stop “liking” things all over the net? Wish you could click that little thumbs up on actual paper documents? Well you can with the Like and Dislike Stamp Kit, the easiest way to show your co-workers that the financial report they handed is satisfactory or not looking good. Includes the “can’t get this on the web” Dislike stamp. The only way to dislike something on the Internet is to print out the screen and then use this stamp to dislike it. Then circular file the paper.

Each stamp is pre-inked for 5,000 likes or dislikes. Here at Craziest Gadgets corporate headquarters (aka Mom’s basement), we stamp each of our employees’ foreheads as a sort of fun daily performance review. It’s not a popular business decision but sometimes the tough ones aren’t easy. We do offer the cheek stamp option for our forehead-challenged staffers, natch.

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