TF11: Tandars Interactive Pet Creatures

Interactive pets have come a long way since the Furby. These adorable Tandars are intelligent interactive furry toys for today. Each Tandar can respond to and speak up to 50 commands in their own Tandarian language (saying things like “Ah jee baz nam nam” when they’re hungry and need to be plugged in). They have lifelike expressions and move their eyes, ears, mouth, and head to interact with you and with other Tandars. Their mood changes depending upon how you interact with them. Check out our exclusive video we took at the Toy Fair showing Tandars in action:

Tandars come in three different characters and charge up in a few hours via a USB plug at the tip of their tail which is plugged into a computer or the charging egg (which doubles as a nightlight). Their arms work as a clip and grab onto you, your monitor, or a backpack and stay put. The demonstrator at the Toy Fair told me that they will be available in stores in a few months for about $50 and other accessories like the clothing and a scaled down version of the giant tree shown in the video will follow.

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