Sega’s Toylet: Pee Controlled Urinal Video Games (w/video!)

Sega is introducing a new video game that is mounted above urinals in men’s bathrooms and is controlled by the flow of pee. Lemme give you one guess as to what country you can find this in….uh huh- Japan (always on the forefront of bathroom technology).

The “Toylet” (actual name, you can’t make this stuff up) will feature four different mini-games such as blast graffiti off a wall, pee longer than the last person to go, use a high pressure blast to lift a woman’s skirt up, and a real-time multi-player tug-o-war style game. There is a pressure sensor in the bowl of the urinal that detects aim, strength of flow, and length of pee to control the games. Of course Sega expects to show advertisements on the LCD screens as well. We’ve got some video for you! Probably SFW, it features a small statue doing the “watering”.

Strangely enough you can even insert a memory card into the screens to save your high score. I have no idea how that works with the hand washing though, maybe use your other hand for that. Expect to find the urinal video games in four Tokyo metro stations very soon.

(via dailymail uk)